Government Affairs

State Federal Strategies has decades of experience in successful bipartisan policy development, implementation, and advancement in Washington as well as state capitals across the country. Employing strategies customized to the individual objectives of each client, we draw upon extensive expertise in public policy and politics to evaluate and navigate complex federal and state issues. Our proven approach gives a persuasive voice to clients as lawmakers shape and pass policies across a broad range of issues.

Armed with a deep understanding of the legislative process and an ability to identify and connect with key decision makers, we have built a track record of effective client advocacy. We work with Governors, Senators, and Members of Congress to generate support for or opposition to the legislative initiatives that most impact our clients.

Our Expertise

Conservation/Environment, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Real Estate, Technology

Public Policy

State Federal Strategies can assess and evaluate complicated legislative landscape to keep clients apprised and informed in a strategic way. We focus on distilling the issues in a manner that is most relevant to clients and staying ahead of fast breaking trends to position clients in the most advantageous way.

With experience across a range of policy issues, we monitor the impact of crucial legislative and political decisions to provide clients with timely intelligence and analysis. We monitor the policy debates and legislative processes at the state and federal level to keep our clients informed of the risks and opportunities facing their business. Staying informed means staying ahead.

Business Development

State Federal Strategies rounds out its comprehensive suite of client services with an ability to design, advise and manage winning advocacy campaigns. We analyze the issues, map out who and what influences your target audience, and then design a comprehensive outreach strategy to build support at the grassroots and grasstops levels.

Having established a keen understanding of the political landscape and policy making process, State Federal Strategies can cultivate and foster winning coalitions to amplify your message to key decision makers at the state and federal level. With longstanding relationships in critical industries and experience forging collaborative alliances, State Federal Strategies can engage advocates, organizations and institutions and then marshal these resources to achieve the objectives of our clients.


You have developed the policy, defined your strategy, and identified your audience. Now you need a persuasive message that moves your target to take action. State Federal Strategies understands that what you say is important but how and where you say it is just as vital to your success. Our team of experts boasts deep experience in crafting and executing winning communications strategies that have helped shape public policy at the state and federal level for decades.  

Working seamlessly to implement the Government Affairs strategy, we can develop a compelling narrative that advances the client’s communications needs in the media platforms – traditional and digital – that resonate best with the key decision makers. From there, we can execute a comprehensive plan that integrates message development, media interface, and target persuasion.